VR Shopping To Boost Alibaba’s Revenues On Singles Day

In this modern day and age, shopping has evidently evolved by great strides world over. Change is good, right? That said, it is about time that people jumped on to the band wagon and embraced the newest shopping phenomena. By the help of the Chinese E- commerce heavy weight- Alibaba, the Buy+ VR shopping spree courtesy of the virtual reality headset on single’s day is your ideal one stop shop for all your products needs this season.

Buy+ VR shopping platform

Virtual reality is the newest shopping technique in the market. This is a shopping method that mostly targets, but is not limited to the millennial lot who are seen to be more technologically savvy. It is a pilot project whose permanence to the market is still unknown. Regardless of this fact, these intended innovative and curious clientele are given a platform to test the waters and in the process purchase their desired products at affordable prices. This method is keen on taping into VR marketing through a set of headsets that enable you to get a 360 degree view of the products you are purchasing.

With the single’s day quickly approaching, Alibaba provides an offline VR Shopping extravaganza with an intention of bringing all your shopping requirements to your doorstep. This is a technique that allows you to view your desired products in reality rather than behind the screen of your computer. The company brings the practicality of VR shopping to you, as close as you would like! By offering this new VR shopping experience to its technologically advanced client base on the much hyped singles day, Alibaba Company hopes to have a far reach to the resolute shoppers as well.

Powered by VR-ready HTC phones and HTC VR store Viveport M

This technique of VR shopping through wireless headsets is intended to take the market by storm, once it is fully fledged. Seeing that this method allows you to peruse, scrutinize and ultimately purchase your desired items in the blink of an eye, it is one trend to really watch out for in the near future. These virtual step by step procedures are simple to follow and any layman is well capable of manipulating them to acquire the desired result.

This VR gadget allows you to merely shake your head in a motion of approval and by so doing make an instant purchase. This is a very smart gadget that guarantees you maximum ease throughout the whole shopping ordeal. Alibaba’s payment system called the ‘Alipay’ is the only payment method allowed. This payment method is duly synchronized with the gadget to make purchases as easy as A B C.

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