War Thunder Oculus Rift Release

One of the most well-known videogames that supports the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) is War Thunder that has been available for the DK2 since the summer of 2014.


This game, created by Gaijin Entertainment, is actually massively multiplayer online (MMO) whose story happens between the World War 2 and Korean War. This game allows you to virtually fight against real persons in different places. The game is free for playing and it successfully integrates Oculus Rift support. There is also a new entry portal available for this game that can be launched from official Share Beta by Oculus VR.

War Thunder Provides Amazing VR Experience

After user has downloaded this game for free, he/she can fight some historical battles starting game with several different planes. If player is facing too many deaths he/she will run out of planes. This way player won’t be able to help his/her team. If you are being great in the game, this will help you to unlock new aircrafts. The game will provide you with hundreds of planes of all kinds. Those planes are historically exact when it comes to looks and behavior.


For those that have an opportunity to play this game on Oculus Rift, this will be an amazing experience since they will be able to feel how it looks like to be in the cockpit, and check on environment more easily. The inside of cockpit will amaze you since you will have an opportunity to see every little detail. The exterior is equally stunning. You can sense height and the huge dimensions of your craft. The game is getting better when you realize that each plane has its own looks, from the outside, as well as from the inside.

War Thunder on the Oculus Rift – Gameplay

Focus of the game is set to maneuvering the planes and every plane may act differently from the previous one. That is why player should make sure that he/she knows how to handle the plane.


Gaijin Entertainment also made some updates for War Thunder. This update adds new planes to the already-expansive roster of planes. Recent updates made the balance among various planes, which is very confusing, particularly when it comes to the Russian models.


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