Speed Kills VR feature film starring John Travolta

Speed Kills VR starring John Travolta announced: Marking the beginning of a new era in Hollywood

We were all wandering about the future of movies with the advent of VR (Virtual Reality)! and the upcoming flick Speed Kills VR will put an end to our curiosity and mark the beginning of a new era in Hollywood. Speed Kills VR is a thriller starring the popular Grease and Face-off fame actor, John Travolta.

John Travolta is known for his action packed thrillers and it couldn’t get any better than having to witness it all like you were actually there with the VR version of the movie. Speed Kills VR also stars Katheryn Winnick, Kellan Lutz, Tom Sizemore, Jordi Mollà, Jennifer Esposito, Matthew Modine, James Remar, Michael Weston, and Amaury Nolasco.

The movie is directed-by Travis Cloyd & produced by Richard-Del Castro, Guy-Griffithe and Cloyd while the one-hour long VR edition is produced with the help of TopDogVR. TopDog VR is a studio specializing in the creation of VR movies. Yes, you read it right…the VR edition is not just a short experience but an hour-long VR experience and it will be divided into 8 episodes. It is the longest cinematic VR ever brought into the market! For VR experience, the filmmakers mounted the video cameras on the speedboat racing on the open water and several drones were used for filming the moving scenes. You will have to download the VR app to view these episodes. The movie will-support headsets & systems like iOS, Android, Samsung Gear VR & many more.

Speed Kills VR Experience

The movie is based on a legendary-speedboat racing-champion and multimillionaire. Director Travis Cloyd remarked at the announcement that the goal behind making the VR edition of Speed Kills is to not only to drive the audience to watch the movie but also to provide them with a unique experience. The VR edition will allow the viewers to experience scenes as if they were side-by-side with the iconic figures like John Travolta, Katheryn Winnick and Kellan Lutz. Also, the viewers will get the ultimate thrill of being next to a speed boat rider going 60 mph in a speed boat.

Kellan Lutz plays the role of Robbie Reemer who is a speedboat racer and a drug kingpin. The video of Speed Kills VR released so far shows the scene where Robbie and his crew carry out a drug deal on the boat in the sea. This scene is the part of episode 3 of the Speed Kill VR series. Another video starring John Travolta shows Katheryn Winnick talking at a horse stable in Episode 4. The interesting part about watching this video is you can have the entire 360-degree vision of their location. All you have to do is click on the arrows given on the top left corner of the video. This gives you the feeling of as if you’re walking with the characters and that is what makes Speed Kills VR larger than life!

Speed Kills VR is surely a heart racing, craft compelling, action packed thriller that will keep its audience on the edge of their seats. The movie is going to release in the Spring of 2018.

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