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Best VR headset for iPhone (so far)

If you are iOS user entering VR party, check out these best VR headsets for iPhone. The VR headset revolution is on course and you cannot be left behind, whether your operating system is Android or IOS. When it comes to mobile virtual reality, Google Cardboard has stolen the show and very soon ...

What Is the Ultimate in Virtual Reality Gaming?

Welcome to the future! Virtual reality is here and now, which means that virtual reality gaming is exploding. There is a ton of choice when it comes to virtual reality headsets and games, so if you want to know how to get started, you’ve come to the right place. Making the virtual a reality ...

Google releases Daydream Keyboard to make VR typing easy

Text input in VR is a complex issue. Google has recently announced a potential solution to this problem with their new Daydream Keyboard. With Google's new VR platform, Daydream, it is becoming clear that VR is a major selling point of Google's new phone, the Google Pixel. The system works by ...

Google Announces DayDream View VR Headset

While Search Engine Company Google has been having a virtual reality headset on the market for a number of years, basically it is a piece of cardboard. However, the company has now unveiled a new headset known as DayDream View. This is more than a mere piece of card. Rather, it is almost similar to ...

How Virtual Reality Could Affect Gambling

After a number of false dawns over the past decade it seems like practical and affordable virtual reality is finally here. Manufacturers like Sony, Samsung and Oculus VR are at last producing headsets within the budget of many consumers and games designers are working hard on developing the ...

Owlchemy Labs is Shaping the Future of VR Video Games

Owlchemy Labs received $5 million dollars for VR games The future of virtual reality is coming to life faster than it ever has. It started with phone virtual reality sets, then it moved on to Oculus Rift, and finally Playstation's Virtual Reality set is due to release later this year. The biggest ...

Resident Evil 7 VR Support Increased Development Cost

Resident Evil 7 VR release date set for early next year After filing their tax results, Capcom recently awarded its investors with a Q&A to address the growing budget allocated to the game. They said that this increment has been due to the developmental changes made to the game. They intend to ...

Mr. Robot VR Experience Now Available on Various VR Platforms

The Mr. Robot VR Experience is of the virtual reality experiences in 2016 that originates from Mr. Robot TV. The original show appeared for the first time on the 21st of July 2016 through the Within App. Those who missed the experience during that time now have a chance of watching it after it ...

Steam Unveils First VR Weekend Sale

Steam, heralded as the ultimate gaming platform that allows you to connect, create and play with the globe, has officially launched its first VR Weekend Sale. And get this, that’s not the crazy part either. It’s no secret that Steam currently holds the monopoly on VR gaming, so when they claim a ...

NVIDIA Announced VRWorks 360, Real Time VR Post-Production Tool

If you are a filmmaker or a content creator, brace yourself because a great news is coming your way. NVIDIA has just announced that they are launching the new VRWorks 360 Video SDK. This products has been reported to allow content creators and filmmakers to capture, stitch and stream videos and ...

Block Blaster VR Review

Block Blaster VR is the latest addition in the VR games family. The game brings together two genres in the gaming world: arcade style shooter and puzzles. When playing the game, it starts off as a puzzle with a mix of block-breaker and connect the colors after which it takes on an arcade style ...

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