Yi Halo is the favorite camera for VR filmmakers

VR technology is taking over the entertainment industry. The success or failure of this technology depends on how unique and quality it is. This is why VR filmmakers consider which camera they use to deliver a better video quality. The 360 degree experience should be made in such a way that the ...

Can Virtual Reality Compete With Live Streaming Technology?

There's no doubt about it - immersive entertainment experiences have soared in popularity over the last few years. The technology relating to virtual reality, in particular, has recently come on leaps and bounds, with a number of headsets now available for those who want to be taken ...

Samsung Gear 360 4K Camera Just Unveiled

Samsung company just announced the new version Gear 360 4k camera, a camera that is more attractive and has more advanced features compared to the previous one. The camera is mushroom shaped with a spherical top and a handle below it making it preferably simple to film while holding the device. ...

NextVR Released ICC Matches VR Live Stream Schedule

NextVR is a multi-national sports and entertainment venture firm which is the leader of live-action virtual reality broadcast technology. It launched in 2009 by veterans of stereoscopic imaging technology, software development and an award-winning filmmaker. For now NextVR already has thirty-six ...

Samsung Gear 360 Camera

Making a big leap with the Samsung Gear 360 camera, Samsung once again managed to show the world how it’s done. With size comparable to a to a baseball and compatibility with Samsung’s S7 phones, now we can enjoy capturing the 360 videos and photos with easy! Make your own virtual world with high ...

Coldplay concert on Samsung Gear VR

Except that is mainly used for video games, virtual reality can be a good way to reproduce music content. That was recognized by NextVR which is releasing a VR concert of Coldplay. This content is intended to be watched by the Samsung Gear VR. Live concert is filmed using special cameras and ...

Samsung introduced 3D virtual reality camera

Virtual Reality isn't just games and video. That is proved at recently organized theme presentation at the Samsung's second developer convention in San Francisco. The company exposed a few new products and tools for developers. Particularly, more fresh information was given about futuristic ...

Paul McCartney VR app gets you on stage

To sit in the first row at Paul McCartney’s farewell to Candlestick Park Concert in San Francisco last August you should have to pay over $500. Today sitting beside McCartney's piano during the same event can be paid just $10, if you want to enjoy just one song in virtual reality.   This is ...

The Who opened for Virtual Reality

English band The Who are releasing a smartphone app targeted to younger fans, following publishing of their 50th anniversary compilation. They have also sent word about their intention to release application for an Oculus Rift in 2015. The Who app can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android, and ...

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