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Robert Rodriguez Makes VR Debut with ‘The Limit’

As virtual reality continues to grow and take the world by storm, Robert Rodriguez is set to join the bandwagon with a brand new VR action series entitled The Limit. Rodriguez’s past products include the beloved Spy Kids movie franchise, Sin City, Ugly Dolls, and Planet Terror, so it’s not a ...

Black Box VR Brings Exercise into Virtual Reality

Black BOX VR is a type of gym that makes it a reality, though virtual, hitting of weights as a game. It’s based on the principle that human mind can be addicted to gaming as it triggers certain responsive habits. Ryan DeLuca and Preston Lewis, a former creative director with BodyBuilding.com, are ...

Best VR movies to watch in 2018

Watching VR movies has become a very entertaining and amazing experience. By using VR headset, a user is transported to a virtual theater where he/she can enjoy the movie. With the great visuals and customization offered by the head-mounted displays, one just has to select the best movies, sit back ...

The 3 Best VR Backpack PCs to Enhance your Experience

The invention of VR devices is one of the most revolutionary turning points in the gaming industry. Many users believe that the VR experience is futuristic and immerses them into a new world where they would interact fully with the surrounding environment. However, there is still unfortunate yet ...

Best VR Headset in 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

If you're looking for the best VR headset 2018, you've come to the right place. We keep tracking VR movement to help you decide which VR headset is perfect choice for you. The best VR Headset list, compiled by the experts. VR Experience The VR is technology that has greatly ...

Here’s everything we know so far about Magic Leap One

Magic Leap has just unveiled its first AR headset named Magic Leap One. Magic Leap the multi-billion dollar startup has been working since 2010 to map the physical and digital world together precisely. They have unrevealed their first AR headset Magic Leap One to the small set of media and ...

Magic Leap Affiliate with Sigur Rós For Mixed Reality App

There was some cheering news yesterday about the launch of an Mixed Reality app from the stable of Florida based company Magic Leap in collaboration with Icelandic Musical group Sigur Rós. The name of the app is “Tonandi”, and there have been no definite details about how it operates due to ...

TMIN VR video player with gesture controls

The futuristic development of virtual reality has broken all technological boundaries bringing us new and amazing technologies. The virtual reality format is becoming more popular by the day leading to the development of video players to support them. If you are interested in the realistic ...

Most popular VR videos you MUST watch

When it comes to VR most of us usually think about video games with imaginative characters and simulated environment. However, its application isn't just limited to the gaming industry. These days, this interesting technology is widely used to provide exciting and emotional feelings that viewers ...

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